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Flooding unearths family history in Granby home

Posted July 11, 2017 4:59 p.m. EDT

— Construction at a home in Granby unearthed a family photo that's now being returned the its owners years later.

The photo of three sister was found in the walls of Kate Boyer's home.

"It was just cool to know a family lived here, and we have a family too," Boyer said. "It's circular, everything continues."

Water flooded Boyer's basement back in February.

"The floor got ripped up," she said. "And the whole basement was torn apart."

While work was being done, the photo was found buried in the walls by a member of the crew.

"They actually found the picture and laid it over here and I said, 'what's this?'" Boyer said. "He says, 'do you know these people?' And I said 'no I've only lived here for eight years.'"

Once the dust settled, Boyer posted the photo to the Facebook community forum "Granby Living."

"I said, 'does anyone know these kids?'" she said. "And it was amazing how quickly I got a response."

Boyer said within 20 minute, she knew who was in the photo.

The girls were identified as Tammy, Jackie and Kim DeMars.

They lived in Boyer's home decades ago.

"I haven't seen that kind of photo in a long time!" said Tammy DeMars Felker, one of the sisters in the photo.

Eyewitness News spoke with the middle sister over Facetime.

She now lives in South Carolina and said she can't wait to see the photo for herself.

Tammy DeMars Felker said she plans to blow it up and send it to her sisters.

"I really appreciate everyone reaching out and letting me know about this picture," she told Eyewitness News.

She said she has many great memories in the home.

She also said she believes it's a sign from her mother who passed away.

"I believe it's my mom saying, 'this was my house,'" Tammy DeMars Felker said. "'It was always be my house.'"

She had a wish for everyone who lives in Granby and the homeowners both current and future.

"I wish everyone a great life especially in my house that I grew up in," Tammy DeMars Felker said.

Boyer said she plans to mail the photo to Tammy DeMars Felker in the next few days.