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Flip Educational Consulting: What are social skills?

Social skills go beyond sharing, good manners and "using your words," Elizabeth Worley and Edla Prevette of Flip Educational Consulting tell me.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Every toddler hears she needs to share when on the playground.

But social skills go far beyond good manners, sharing and "using your words," say Elizabeth Worley and Edla Prevette of Flip Educational Consulting, who I introduced on Monday. The veteran teachers and counselors started the business a couple of years ago to help grade schoolers hone their social skills.

Interpersonal relationships and managing and recognizing anger, excitement and other strong feelings are among the skills their programs help kids develop.

And while some kids get it on their own, others need a bit more help. It's no different than hiring a tutor for a child struggling with math or sending a child who wants to hone his soccer skills to a specialized camp, they tell me.

Hear more about the kinds of skills that are important for kids to nail down before middle school in my video interview with Worley and Prevette.

Go to their website to learn more about the programs they offer for kids, along with parents, teachers and others who work with children. Check back next Wednesday for another tip.


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