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Flip Educational Consulting helps kids develop their social skills

Started by veteran teachers and counselors, the program offers camps and workshops for kids, parents, teachers and others who work with kids.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Elizabeth Worley and Edla Prevette are long-time teachers and counselors, who currently work at Project Enlightenment, the early childhood prevention and intervention program in Wake County for young children.

In 2010, Worley and Prevette, both moms, launched a part-time private practice called Flip Educational Consulting. It's aimed at helping school-aged children, age 6 to 12, learn and improve their social skills.

After working with kids for decades, the two saw that there were programs for preschoolers, but not many for school-aged kids. And as kids enter school, good social skills become even more critical as their lives become more complex and nuanced.

"They've got to figure out their place in the world," Worley tells me.

Said Prevette: "And some kids don't naturally get it."

Flip Educational Consulting offers summer camps (which are full for this summer), along with programs during the school year. Worley and Prevette also offer workshops for parents, teachers, Sunday School leaders and others who work with children.

"We really want parents to flip their thinking" so they can help their kids use their temperaments and natural gifts to their advantage, Worley said. For instance, a strong-willed child also is determined. A shy child also might be observant.

"If we can help parents and adults flip the way they think about children's difficulties, they may be able to support them and honor them and help them use those skills to make them more successful," Prevette said.

I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Elizabeth and Edla a few weeks ago. They'll be sharing weekly tips on developing social skills starting Wednesday for the next few weeks. They offer some great advice and programs for parents.

For more information, go to their website and watch my video interview with them. And check back on Wednesday for a tip!
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