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Flip Educational Consulting: Helping your kids with interpersonal relationships

Posted July 17, 2012 8:37 p.m. EDT

Do your kids struggle to say hello to a new person or a relative they haven't seen recently? Are they having trouble giving other kids enough personal space?

Edla Prevette, a local mom and veteran teacher and counselor, has some tips for you. Prevette, along with her colleague Elizabeth Worley, started Flip Educational Consulting a couple of years ago.

They work with grade schoolers who need help developing social skills and offer summer camps and evening programs for kids and workshops for parents and teachers. Read my earlier post for more about what they offer.

Prevette says many kids struggle with personal space issues and greeting new people. She offers some easy tips to help your kids, including using a hula hoop to identify personal space.

For more information, watch the video. To learn more about Prevette and Worley's programs, go to their website.

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