Non-surgical treatment for a healthy, active life

Flexogenix® provides non-surgical joint pain solutions for active lifestyles and empowers people to achieve healthy and fulfilling lives through innovative medicine and dedicated care.

Flexogenix® has been committed to redefining the standard of joint care for more than seven years and gives each patient the best opportunity for a non-surgical solution to their joint pain. Patients are part of a family at the Flexogenix® clinic and are served by board-certified physicians. The medically trained staff helps patients determine the best course of treatment for their individual case. The Flexogenix® team believes that surgery, while sometimes necessary, should always be your last option.

Flexogenix® has clinics across North Carolina, including a location in Cary. The clinic measures success by how the staff enriches the lives of the patients they care for, using patented non-surgical methods of treatment.