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Flake on 2020 run: 'That is not on my radar screen'

Posted October 25, 2017 8:13 a.m. EDT

— Newly retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake said Wednesday he is not considering 2020 presidential run.

Flake, who announced Tuesday he will not be running for re-election as he faced a likely uphill primary battle in his state of Arizona, told CNN's "New Day" on Wednesday, "That is not on my radar screen, that's a long way off. I'm focused on my work in the Senate. I have another 14 months."

When pressed further, Flake added, "I haven't entertained that thought for very long, no."

During a blistering speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, Flake denounced the "complicity" of his own party in what he called an "alarming and dangerous state of affairs" under Trump and blamed the President for setting the tone. He additionally bemoaned the "coarsening" tenor of politics in the United States.