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Five Points residents concerned about nearby breweries

Posted September 14, 2015 11:31 p.m. EDT

— Two breweries have become quite popular in Raleigh’s Five Points area, but sometimes popularity comes with contempt.

Some homeowners are bringing up concerns about the overall safety of the neighborhood near the Nickel Point Brewing Company and Neuse River Brewing. In an online mailing list, one resident explained why he’s concerned about the residual impact of the businesses.

TJ Bickert lives in the Five Points area and says that it’s typical to see people walking their dogs or chatting in the front yard. As of one year ago, it’s also common to see people at the Nickel Point Brewing Company.

Co-owner Shaluka Perera says the proximity was planned that way.

“We wanted to be close to a neighborhood, have that model where people can walk and grab a drink and kids can play in a safe parking lot,” Perera said.

In a recent post to a neighborhood listserv, one person living in the area addressed his concerns, including drunken driving. The message, written by Christian Etheridge, says in part that he “became very concerned about the amount of drivers leaving the bar that should not have been getting behind the wheel.”

Bickert says that overall, he enjoys the breweries but understands the concern.

“Anyone who decided to get into their car after being at the brewery for any length of time just puts us a little off ease, I guess,” Bickert said.

Perera says his staff is trained on how not to serve someone if they suspect intoxication. He says that even the type of beer served at the brewery takes this into consideration.

“All my beers are really drinkable beers, five percent alcohol,” Perera said. “The objective here is not to provide a beverage where people can easily get drunk and go crazy.”

Another concern held by residents is congestion and parking. However, Tamsin Nesvisky lives about two blocks away and hasn’t had a problem on her street.

“We do know from walking down there that there are a lot of cars that park on the side of the street in the block of the brewery and maybe one block above,” Nesvisky said.

Perera said that the brewery is not intended to be a nuisance.

“This is not your lavish sports bar where people go to have a drink and go a little over the top,” Perera said. “That’s not my mission.”

Perera said that he is willing to work with residents about their concerns and is even willing to help put up signs in the area if they think that would help.

Most people said that they do sympathize with the concerns but also enjoy having the breweries in the neighborhood.

Neuse River Brewing had not heard about the complaints and did not have a comment.