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Fishermen boast about catch of a lifetime

Posted August 17, 2017 10:54 a.m. EDT

— You can imagine the fight two fishermen had recently hauling in a thresher shark.

Michael Salkauskas and Joseph Juliano couldn't believe their eyes last week. They were fishing on their private boat off south Montauk, New York, about 30 minutes from their Waterford dock.

"There were thresher sharks jumping all over the place. We saw more than 15 of them free jumping," Salkauskas said.

Using live mackerel for bait, they caught several thresher sharks and let them go, but kept a 209 pounder and ate it.

Juliano said the fight was "incredible, lasted about an hour. I was really tired at the end of that one."

"Within the next hour, we saw in every direction we kept seeing them jump. I've never seen that many jump in my life," Salkauskas said.