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First CBD cafe opens in Portland

Posted June 8, 2018 12:45 p.m. EDT

— A new café, first of its kind in Portland, has opened its doors.

"Gron CBD" in southeast Portland is now open for business.

The director of operations said they are hoping to bring consumers who might not normally go to a dispensary.

Gron Chocolate's first brick and mortar store has only been open for two days and they said it's already packed with people looking to get a taste of CBD.

Jenna Rice, the director of operations here, said CBD can be a healing tool for people with chronic pain or anxiety.

Right now, there are no regulations requiring them to id people to buy it because they source their CBD from an evergreen tree species in India, not from cannabis or hemp.

"It's really the first of its kind, it's really effective, it's really comfortable because you know you're not going to have any psychoactive effects in any way," Rice said

Gron does ask people who look under the age of 21 if they can check with their parents first.

Rice said they've worked hard with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to make sure everything is to a regulatory standard.

Employees said their goal is to provide a safe space for people who wouldn't typically go inside a dispensary and bring the conversation of CBD to the national level.