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Firefighters replace Christmas gift stolen off family's porch in Theodore

Posted December 8, 2017 11:19 a.m. EST

— One family's Christmas has come full circle. It's a follow up to a story FOX 10 told you about Wednesday where a man was caught on camera stealing a package from a family in Theodore.

After seeing our story, viewers sprang into action. Kayla Jones is the mother with whom we spoke last night. We told you about someone she calls "the Grinch" that stole her daughter's Christmas, taking a doll she bought for her, right from their doorstep.

Well, tonight her story has a happy ending. Men she's calling Santa's "not so little" helpers have come to the rescue.

"I can't explain what this is to me and my family. That was going to be extremely difficult. So I appreciate it," said Jones.

Its one of those Christmas miracle stories. The kind we like to watch during the holidays. For Kayla Jones and her family, it became a reality. Tuesday, a package with a pretty pricey Christmas gift for Jones' 2-year-old daughter Addilyn Kate was stolen.

"Somebody that works hard to pay their bills and take care of their kids and then you have these people that do things they really shouldn't do and steal from those who are trying to make it," she explained.

Well, some firefighters saw our story here on Fox 10 last night, put on their Santa caps and sprang into action. They're the Mobile Firefighters Association Local 1349.

"When we see something that we can do to right a wrong, we're going to do it. I've seen enough evil and bad things to last a lifetime," VP Tony McCarron said.

He adds the doll is clearly a hot commodity around this time. He went around searching from store to store to no avail. Yet he was determined to see this family happy.

"I went around all morning long to find a doll that nobody has. So I finally found one at TOYS R US," he said.

Sitting at work when she got the call, Jones was full of emotions that were ready to burst.

"I sat in my car and I cried because I just could not believe that somebody would do that for my little girl," Jones said.

She says to see the glow in her daughter's eyes on Christmas morning means the world to her.

"It means everything as a parent to see your little kids eyes light up. It means everything to me and I'm sure it means everything to Kayla," said McCarron.

"Just to wake up and have her run in there and see that. Her face, that's going to be phenomenal. That's what I wanted and now I can have it," added Jones.

Local 1349 wasn't the only group willing to help. We got a call earlier today from another viewer who wanted to buy the doll for the Jones family as well.