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Fired Dallas County Asst. D.A. gives her side of Uber incident

Posted November 15, 2017 12:43 p.m. EST

— Behavior like this gets you a special invite! Bad Girls Club on line one!

This time, though, it's Uber edition.

"I'm asking you politely to please…" Uber driver Shaun Platt is heard saying on an audio recording he released online.

"No! Now I'm pissed the f*** off," Jody Warner is heard, interrupting Platt. "Either drop me off at my house, or we'll wait for the cops."

Warner was a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Friday night. Tuesday morning, she spoke to the media as a now-former A.D.A.

"My career is done," she said, tears running down her face. "I just wanted to be able to put my side out there because I'm not a horrible person. I'm very sorry for the language I used. I'm not proud of it."

Last week, Warner was prosecuting child abuse cases for Dallas County, but that all came apart with one bad encounter in the Uber driven by Platt late Friday night.

"When we got finally close to my home, he turned down a different street, which is not what his GPS was saying to do. That was when I finally snapped at him," Warner said.

We weren't able to get in touch with Platt, but his recording echoed that.

"You had the opportunity to take me home. I think this might be kidnapping right now," Warner is heard saying. "Under the law, it's recklessly keeping me from where I was going."

She admits her words were out of line, but her supporters (Attorney Pete Schulte, Attorney George Milner, and Judge Elizabeth Frizell) say D.A. Faith Johnson acted too quickly in firing her.

"If they had all the facts, not just from one side but from both sides, a different decision would have been made in this particular case," Judge Frizell said.

D.A. Johnson disagrees. In a statement sent from her office Tuesday afternoon she says, "Prior to Ms. Warner's termination, we spent the weekend investigating the case and interviewing both parties involved, who submitted sworn affidavits."

D.A. Johnson also released both affidavits to the media.

In large part, the content of the affidavits matched. The one difference was Platt claims, "I told her that I wouldn't put up with her verbal assault and I told her I would pull over and let her out if she continued. This angered her greatly and she said that was not assault, this is assault. She slapped me on my right shoulder with her fingers and the top of her palm."

Warner countered: "There was never, at any point, any physical contact and/or assault that occurred by either myself or the driver. I was surprised when I read/heard that allegation."

As for Jody Warner's future?

"I've only wanted to be a prosecutor. I have no idea where I'll go from here," she said.

Attorney Schulte said multiple D.A. offices across North Texas have contacted him about her, but one thing is clear. She won't be a Dallas County A.D.A. again anytime soon.