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Fire victims speak about dramatic rescue

Posted January 16, 2018 12:01 p.m. EST

— A massive fire at the Avondale Forest Apartments left several families with nothing other than their lives and the clothes on their backs.

On Monday one family exclusively spoke to CBS46 about the heroic efforts made by firefighters, volunteers, and family members nearly two weeks ago.

"My dad is an angel," said 8-year-old Ronald Rockmore.

The 8-year-old's father suffered third-degree burns while trying to save his child.

Karl Ragland recalled a firefighter telling him that he only had two minutes to get children to safety.

"They kept hollering throw the baby, throw the baby," said Ragland. "And that's the most grateful blessing that I have. Nobody died, nobody."

In total eight children were among the 12 people who were hurt.

Volunteers have started a Pine Tree Circle Relief GoFundMe page to assist families with supplies.