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Finally Jumping In!

This is the first post of my new 5 On Your Side blog.

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So I’m finally getting with the program! I’ve done everything I can to avoid it! I’ve told my News Director a ZILLION times that I simply don’t have time to BLOG, that something else will have to go, that no one will read it anyway and on and on and on. But in our last meeting he just smiled, nodded and gave me a drop dead date for my first post. Since my boss is one of those people you simply want to please, and oh yeah—since he gave me that DEADLINE-- this is the official first post of my blog!

So as I begin, please consider it a “work in progress.” Although I guess that’s really what all blogs are, right? Or at least they are “thoughts in process.” So my first thought is to make this blog useful to you. I’d like to use it to provide you with tidbits of what I call “news you can use.” There’s just a lot of information, ideas and opinions I’d like to share about all kinds of different consumer topics—but they either don’t warrant a full blown consumer story or we simply don’t have the time to get them done. And I often have information I’d like to pass on faster than I could if it were part of a regular newscast.

So, while I don’t want to admit this to my News Director, the truth is—the more I’ve thought about this whole blogging task, the more excited I’ve become about it. I FINALLY have a way to tell you all of the STUFF I’ve wanted to tell you for so long! I guess I need to MAKE time to blog. What I don’t think I have time for anymore-- is meeting with my News Director.


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