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Fervent super PAC opponent Elizabeth Warren getting super PAC help in Nevada

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a fervent opponent of super PACs, is now receiving super PAC support in Nevada.

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Dan Merica
CNN — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a fervent opponent of super PACs, is now receiving super PAC support in Nevada.

A group of progressive women has formed Persist PAC, a spokesman tells CNN, and the group is currently spending over $1 million to air a biography-focused television ad that links Warren to former President Barack Obama and claims Warren can "take on" President Donald Trump and "win."

The spokesman would not rule out more spending beyond what is committed to in their current ad buy in Nevada.

The injection of outside spending, first reported by Axios, comes at an important time for Warren. The Massachusetts senator, after a disappointing fourth-place finish in New Hampshire netted her no national delegates, is fighting to pick up momentum in Nevada ahead of the state's caucuses on Saturday.

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The ad aimed at helping Warren touts the senator's work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and features images of Warren both in the Senate and on the campaign trail and photos of her as a child.

"When you don't grow up rich, you learn how to work. When you take on Wall Street, you know how to fight," a narrator says. "When the system is broken, you step up to fix it."

The super PAC was found by Denise Feriozzi, Kristine Kippins, Karin Johanson and Kim Rogers.

The super PAC's spokesman said the women formed the organization, despite Warren's opposition to super PACs, because "they feel we have to live in the world with the rules as we have them in order to get to a place where we can enact Warren's vision for a better system. We've got to get there."

In a statement Wednesday morning, Warren's campaign said "her position hasn't changed.

"Since day one of this campaign, she has made clear that she thinks all of the candidates should lock arms together and say we don't want super PACs and billionaires to be deciding our Democratic nominee."

Warren has not only been a passionate opponent of super PACs during her presidential run but she has used the fact that other candidates are receiving super PAC support against them.

"I heard everyone here talking about as Democrats, we all want to overturn Citizens United because we want to end this unlimited spending," Warren said during the Democratic debate earlier this month in New Hampshire. "Yeah, except everyone on this stage except Amy (Klobuchar) and me is either a billionaire or is receiving help from PACs that can do unlimited spending."

She added: "So, if you really want to live where you say, then put your money where your mouth is and say no to the PACs."

Klobuchar, too, is now receiving super PAC help from a group named Kitchen Table Conversations, a super PAC that has begun airing an titled "scared" about Klobuchar's fight to allow mothers to stay in hospitals for longer than 24 hours.

Klobuchar's campaign said in October that they didn't want help from a super PAC. An aide said Wednesday that they stand by that position.

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