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Fayetteville to Turn Water Back on in Fountains

Posted March 11, 2008 6:31 p.m. EDT

— Despite the drought, city officials plan to turn the water back on April 1 in several fountains and other public displays.

Keeping the structures drained indefinitely could create cracks and other maintenance issues over time, officials said. Also, all of the structures use recycled water, so the impact on water consumption would be minimal, officials said.

“The water in the pool acts as an insulator to protect the pool structure,” Robert Barefoot, director of Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks & Recreation, said in a statement. “Exposure of the pool areas to heat and cold could cause structural damage, as they are designed to have water in the pools throughout the year. The internal pumps and mechanisms are more likely to have damage as the internal fluids and moving parts are still and not performing as designed.”

The seven structures are as follows:

  • Freedom Memorial Park fountain, at the corner of Hay Street and Bragg Boulevard
  • Linear Park Fountain, at the corner of Ray Avenue and Mason Street
  • Cross Creek Park fountain, on Green Street
  • Point News Fountain, at Hay Street and Ray Avenue
  • Festival Park Plaza fountain, at the Ray Avenue and Maiden Lane roundabout
  • Christina Smith Park Splash Pad, on Fisher Street at Old Wilmington Road
  • Chalmers Pool at Seabrook Park, on the corner of Langdon Street and Slater Avenue
  • 300 Hay Street Project fountain, scheduled to open in the late summer or fall