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Father: My twins who have autism are being bullied, school is doing nothing about it

Posted October 30, 2017 1:27 p.m. EDT

— The father of twins who have autism says his kids are being bullied at school and nothing is being done about it.

James Pennington says he is fed up, saying his sons Jacob and James Jr. have been poked at, taunted and verbally abused. He said one of his boys was attacked with a shoe and stabbed with a pencil.

Pennington went to Floyd Henson Junior High to address the bullying and said he was greeted by police.

"I just wanted to have communication. There is a disconnect. If they knew our sons or us as a family, they would know we are not bad people. We are good people," said Pennington

Flora's police chief says Pennington is not under investigation himself for going to the school. The school called police after Pennington says he asked students if they knew who was picking on his boys.

"It's just really disruptive and affecting their grades. It's affecting our life. It makes it really hard on us as a family," said Pennington.

More troubling for Pennington and his boys was what happened to James Pennington, Jr.

"I got stabbed by a pencil, as you can see right there, it is still there. I will have a memory of it until I die pretty much," said Pennington, Jr.

A police report made months ago shows officers responded and school leaders are aware.

"It really makes me mad. It makes me want to kill myself or get revenge. It is how I feel," said Pennington, Jr.

"It makes me want to cry. I am sorry. Love my kids, I don't like to see them hurt," said Pennington.

The district's superintendent told News 4 that the district takes all allegations of bullying seriously and investigates them.