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Fast food worker uses drive-thru to raise money for injured Arnold officer

Posted December 8, 2017 5:37 p.m. EST

— News 4 caught up with Bill Grimm as he was making a stop at the Arnold Police Department.

"I figured an officer in my community, who comes into my restaurant and eats all the time, I have to help them and give support," said Grimm.

Grimm works at the Taco Bell on Richardson Road.

While working the drive-thru, Grimm prepared orders and asked for a few pennies. He ended up getting more than enough to fill a piggy bank and a large cup.

"I got a lot of ashtray change. I got dollars, five dollars and other bills given to me. It was just a remarkable thing to see people give in a time of need," added Grimm.

All this for a man who's served and protected the Arnold community for three years and the greater St. Louis community for nearly 20.

Officer Ryan O'Connor was shot by Chad Klahs inside a police SUV on Tuesday. O'Connor is in critical condition at a local hospital.

"He's very mellow, nice and considerate. One day, I had a car chasing me and they threw a bottle at my mom's window. I gave a description of the car and he put it out for the other cars to find out who did that," added Grimm.

There are two different ways to donate to Officer O'Connor and his family. The first way is through a GoFundMe.

The second way is in-person at the Fortune Bank located 3494 Jeffco Boulevard in Arnold