What's on Tap

What's on Tap

Farm Aid raises money, awareness for local farmers

Posted September 13, 2014 10:32 p.m. EDT
Updated September 15, 2014 9:05 a.m. EDT

— The 29th annual Farm Aid concert was held Saturday at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh with performances by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and others.

Since 1985, Farm Aid has raised more than $45 million to help family farmers keep their land and publicize locally grown food.

"When you look at your food in the morning, your breakfast, you wonder where does that come from. Did it come from 1500 miles away or could it have come from your local farmer," said Farm Aid founder Willie Nelson.

Amy Fiedler, a local, small family farmer attended the event. She owns Springhouse Farms just outside of Boone. Last year when heavy rains flooded her farm, she turned to Farm Aid for a little help.

"Farming is my livelihood, it is my soul source of income," she said. "The fact that they came through for me was amazing."

Fiedler grows organic vegetables and pasture raised pork. Restaurants including Cafe Love in Durham use locally grown produce.

"We have been in business for three and a half years. The number of farms we have available to us has grown from like 20 to more than 50," said Cafe Love employee Matthew Daniels.

Farm Aid is in its 29th year, but its founders hope the need for the effort has an end on the horizon. 

"We love Farm Aid, but we don't love that we are doing Farm Aid. It's not a celebration, it's a mission to change what is going on," said founder Neil Young.

Other performers include Dave Matthews, Jack White, the Preservation Hall Band and Carlene Carter.