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Fannin County to allow teachers to carry guns in classrooms

Posted May 11, 2018 12:06 p.m. EDT

— Another Georgia county will let teachers carry guns in the classroom. The decision was made Thursday night in Fannin County.

The school board decided they are going to allow school personnel -- that means teachers -- to carry concealed guns as long as they are in a holster on their body, or locked up in some type of secure place where students can't get to them.

The teachers who want to do that will have to undergo a background check every year, and they'll have to have a certain amount of training, but that training can be substituted with law enforcement or military experience.

People who went to the meeting are reacting.

"When we have a heart attack in school, we call for someone to come, but we have to render aid then," said Blue Ridge NRA Chairman Jack Taylor. "There's no difference. If there's a shooter here, we don't have two minutes, a minute and a half, thirty seconds to wait on someone to come and assist us here."

"Some teachers may be able to act appropriately, other teachers may not," said Dr. Kyle Rauque, a parent. "I don't think that the proper training was described or outlined for us, and I don't feel informed."

A woman we spoke with also brought up insurance. It's possible that the district will have to pay more for every teacher they arm. We wanted to ask the school board and superintendent about that, among other things, but they snuck out a back door to avoid the media.