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Family says man had just visited his newborn at the hospital before deadly crash

Posted June 5, 2018 12:30 p.m. EDT

— The family of one of the victims killed in a violent crash on Friday returned to the spot where their loved one died on Sunday.

AaRon Daniel, 29, was one of four people killed following a police chase that ended near 23rd Street and Television Place in Kansas City. Independence police were pursuing the driver of a stolen Jeep.

"I feel like I'm the only person that's going through this and I understand that I'm not," Daniel's mother, Wendy Daniel-Williams said.

Daniel-Williams visited the area on Sunday with her daughter and grandchildren. A memorial now sits where the Daniel's car landed.

"It's difficult for me each time I see a picture, or a song comes on," Daniel-Williams said.

Daniel was a Ruskin High graduate. He lived in Kansas City with his three children and had just welcomed his fourth child into the world. His family said he was riding with friends after visiting his newborn at the hospital, before the deadly crash.

"We're a very close-knit family and to have that link broken is very difficult," Daniel-Williams said.

Daniel was one of two siblings. His sister, Marion Bailey, can't stop thinking about the last time she saw her brother. It was Mother's Day and the family took a trip to St. Louis.

"If I knew that was going to be the last time I was going to see my little brother, I would've recorded the entire ride," Daniel's sister, Marion Bailey said. "We laughed so much."

Bailey called her brother's death "unthinkable" but said, sadly, other families are also sharing in her family's grief.

"This person made a choice and it affected so many people, so many families are hurting right now, who are feeling what we're feeling," Bailey said. "This hurts."

Daniel's mom wouldn't point the blame at anyone for her son's death, adding that her heart and body are heavy, but her spirit is strong.

"I can't do the 'what ifs,'" said Dainel-Williams. "Had the driver not stolen the car, had AaRon not have been at this corner…I can do it all day but because of my faith, I know that things don't just happen. In my faith, God has control over everything."

Daniel's family is planning a balloon release next Sunday. His funeral will be the following Monday in St. Louis.

In addition to the four people killed, four others were also seriously injured, including the driver of the stolen Jeep, who police identified as Victoria Brown. Brown was charged with three counts of 2nd degree murder and one count of resisting a lawful stop. The fourth victim died after charges were filed, so additional charges may be forthcoming.