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Family of Syrian man in need of emergency care pleads to Trump Administration

Posted December 15, 2017 10:49 a.m. EST

— A Roswell family is publicly asking the Trump administration for help to save the life of a family member in Syria.

The family of a 76-year-old Syrian man wants President Trump to bring him to the United States for urgent medical treatment.

"We ask our God to help us , In-Shallah, but we really want help from President Trump to give him this visa," said Hana Al-Bitar.

Hana Al-Bitar made an emotional plea Wednesday on behalf of her elderly father, Mohammad Samir Al-Bitar. Mohammad, a retired businessman, is Syrian and lives in Damascus.

Mohammed was recently diagnosed with a cancerous eye tumor which requires immediate attention. The treatment is not available in the Middle East but is available at Emory Eye Center where doctors have agreed to perform.

"Time is of the essence, the clock is ticking," said Hana.

But Al-Bitar's initial visa was denied by the state department because he was not able to properly show he was only staying temporarily. His second application was undergoing administrative processing, and this time the process seemed to be going well.

"But then the supreme court allowed the president's new travel restrictions to come back into place, so now Al-Bitar cannot come here unless he receives a special waiver from the government."

"It's really sad to have a solution here it's very close to me and there's no visa for him to come and there's no solution for him over there."

The family and attorneys are now going public in hopes of putting politics aside.