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Family Of Lowell Hit-And-Run Victim Beg Driver To Come Forward

Posted August 8, 2017 4:24 p.m. EDT

— The search continues for a driver wanted in a deadly hit-and-run on Interstate 49.

Victoria Fausnaught said her niece, Heather Byars was killed in that accident in Lowell on Friday night (Aug. 4).

Fausnaught said Heather was returning from the Tontitown Grape Festival when her car hit a concrete wall. She said she had walked across the interstate to talk to a man who stopped to help her.

It was on her way back when family members said a silver car struck her.

"People I guess had stopped and saw her get out of the car," Fausnaught said. "They left, one guy stayed. She went across to talk to him and when she was crossing back to her car she got hit."

Rogers nurse Dana Crow arrived with her friend Lisa, who is also a nurse. Crow said they didn't know the name of the woman at the time, but she administered CPR until an ambulance arrived.

"It's hard to lose somebody regardless of what happens," Crow said. "To lose somebody, she survived her car accident and for that to happen. I know God has a time for all of us. I just prayed the whole time."

Heather's family is planning her funeral and at the same time looking for the driver who hit her. They said the only description they have is a silver car, but they said they do have a message for that person.

"Step up and say, 'My God, I'm sorry.' They should of stopped," Fausnaught said. "I can't say anything bad won't happen to them, but I do want to see some remorse. If they didn't have insurance, they didn't have insurance. They still killed somebody. You still killed somebody."

Heather's family said the silver vehicle will have damage to the front end. They're asking anyone who knows a vehicle matching this description to call police.

"Please do the right thing and apologize to her family," Crow said. "They need to put themselves in that position. What would they want done if that was their family member?"