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Family is selling their home and traveling the world

Posted July 24, 2018 12:15 p.m. EDT

— Ben and Kelly Lutz are selling their home and heading to Europe... then they're going to Southeast Asia, then to Germany and then likely a few more stops before heading back to the mitten state.

The young couple, along with their young daughter Liesel, is taking a break from the rat race and traveling the world.

"House is gone, jobs are gone."

Formerly part of the finance industry, the two felt like like this point in their daughter's life was ideal to take such a trip. "Honestly its the perfect time now, she's not in school yet. We're all young enough to still enjoy it. She's walking and toddling around, so she can enjoy it too. And in a year when we get back here, she can settle in to a new daycare, preschool and us into our careers," Kelly Lutz told us.

The two have a set amount of savings they have put aside after selling their home. They are going to use that money on their travels, hopefully doing some side-work from their laptops along the way. When that money runs out, the plan is to head back to Michigan and find a new house. They have lived the past ten years in California but are looking forward to coming back home to Michigan following their trip.

"Part of the thing is to live with a little less and experience more."

Ben and Kelly say once they return from their trip they plan to settle into a midwest home with less than they had before, and have their daughter go to school here in Michigan. They told us, "we just realized during this whole purging process that it was kinda tough to go through it all, because we thought, how did we end up with all this stuff?"