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Family berated over broken-down truck surprised by 'Diesel Brother'

Posted June 4, 2018 5:41 p.m. EDT

— A family who posted a video of a man yelling at them over a broken-down truck at a campsite received a welcome surprise Saturday afternoon.

Jose Caballero posted video to YouTube of then-Weber County employee Wyatt Pack yelling and cursing at his family. Caballero said his truck broke down at a campsite Pack had intended to use over the Memorial Day weekend. The truck was having trouble with the steering.

One of the people who saw Caballero's video was Dave Sparks, better known as "Heavy D" from the Discovery Channel series "Diesel Brothers." The show's about Sparks' shop in Woods Cross, where he and his crew build tricked-out trucks and give them away.

"Nobody should be treated like this. Nobody," Sparks said.

On "Diesel Brothers," the group transforms broken-down trucks into custom-built vehicles. After seeing the video, Sparks decided his group could help the Caballero family. He reached out to his 2.3 million Facebook followers in a video Saturday afternoon.

"If anybody knows Jose Cabellero, please send me his information. I need to get in touch with him so we can get his truck over here to the shop and do some work on it," Sparks said in the video.

Within a couple of hours, Sparks said he had spoken with the family and had plans to make some improvements on the vehicle.

"I'm heading up there Monday with a tow truck. I'm going to take him my personal pick-up and leave that with him for a few days while we bring his truck back to our shop," Sparks said. "He is going to be way more excited to get some of the cool stuff, the lift, the wheels, the tires, the stereo."

Sparks said he hoped to take what began as a negative situation and add a positive spin.

"Hopefully, what we do to his truck and what we do for his family can make them understand that there's good people that care about them," he said.

On Friday, Weber County officials said they fired Pack for violating county policy, which states employees act in a professional and courteous manner and refrain from using offensive language.