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Family believes life jacket could have saved kayaker who died at Canyon Lake

The search for a missing kayaker appears to be over.

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Maria Hechanova
ARIZONA — The search for a missing kayaker appears to be over.

MCSO announced last week that a boater found human remains floating in Canyon Lake.

Officials haven't confirmed it belongs to missing kayaker 23-year-old Omar Linares, but today his family told AZ Family it is.

Linares went missing two months ago.

He went kayaking with two friends when his boat overturned and he fell into the water.

According to MCSO, winds and waves pushed his friends' kayaks away from Omar.

His younger sister, Melissa Linares, waited 64 days to get the dreaded call.

"I mean yes, I do have the closure, but just don't want to have that closure because I still want him to be here. He was just funny, adventurous, caring and it just sucks because we'll never see him again."

Melissa said her brother was not an experienced kayaker. This was his second time doing it.

She added he did not know how to swim well and was not wearing a life jacket.

She believes he'd be alive today if he had worn one.

With summer around the corner and people looking for ways to cool off, she hopes everyone can learn from her family's tragedy.

"Just be safe. wear a life jacket at all times no matter you may think it won't happen to me, you never know," said Melissa.

Linares eaves behind a seven-month-old son.

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