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Fallen tree, power lines trap Corbett woman on Historic Columbia River Highway

Posted December 8, 2017 4:40 p.m. EST

— A Corbett woman says she was trapped in her car surrounded by power lines on the Historic Columbia River Highway Thursday after a tree came crashing down.

Linda Hargens was headed to an appointment when she saw a flash of light near the Stark Street bridge.

"The tree went into the first power line, then the explosion and then the thing just kind of pivoted and it covered the whole road," Hargens said. "Lines came down and as they did, they came across the side of my car."

For nearly two hours she was trapped inside her car as first responders worked to shut the power off and make it safe for her to leave.

"I stayed in my car but I looked out of each of the windows to see where the lines were and there really was no way to approach my car without stepping over a line," Hargens said.

She took several pictures that show the tree across the road, another showed the snapped top of a power pole lying on the asphalt.

"I remembered from what I had been told for years, if you ever get into this position don't get out of the car," Hargens said.

She adds she is very thankful the "what if" never happened and was happy to be back home Thursday night.

"I was happy to be home safe and sound," Hargens said.

The Historic Columbia River Highway was closed for several hours are crews worked to clean up the mess left behind.