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Fact-Checking Trump’s Rally in Missouri


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Linda Qiu
, New York Times


“Birthright citizens, in turn, can then bring their entire extended family into our country through chain migration. That’s another beauty. Chain migration. You come into the country, you’re, like, 2 months old and you’re going to take your brother, and your sister and your mother and your father. You’re going to bring them all.”


This is impossible. American citizens must be at least 21 before they are eligible to petition for their parents to live in the United States, and there is a long queue for family-sponsored immigration or what the president labels chain migration.

After a petition is filed and approved, would-be immigrants are given a so-called priority date and can apply for a green card only when the State Department calls it up. For example, this month, brothers and sisters of adult American citizens can begin to apply for a green card if their priority dates were before March 22, 2005 — a waiting period of more than 13 years.


“We opened up Canada. It was closed.”


In pointing to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement negotiated by his administration, Trump overreached by claiming that American companies previously had no access to the Canadian market.

The North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994 virtually eliminated tariffs on all goods traded between the United States, Canada and Mexico, with the exception of Canadian agricultural products. In 2017, the United States exported about $340.7 billion in goods and services to Canada, which was the United States’ largest trading partner after China.


Trump also made numerous other claims that The New York Times has previously debunked:

— He exaggerated the U.S. trade deficit with China as $500 billion a year. (It was $336 billion last year.)

— He falsely claimed that the United States had the “cleanest water and air” in the world. (Numerous countries ranked higher.)

— He misleadingly claimed that the border wall is being built. (Construction has not begun.)

— He falsely accused Democrats of supporting “open borders.” (Democrats support border security measures.)

— He said Democrats “want to invite caravan after caravan.” (There is no evidence that Democrats are behind the migrant caravan.)

— He accused other countries, with no evidence, of not “giving us their finest” through the diversity visa program. (Applicants enter of their own volition.)

— He falsely claimed “Medicare for all” proposals would “destroy Medicare.” (The plans would expand benefits for lower costs.)

— He claimed, with no evidence, that the suspect in the Manhattan truck attack last year “brought in 22 people” through “chain migration.” (This is not possible.)

— He misleadingly claimed that “nobody would believe” that the economy added 4.2 million jobs since the election. (The economy added more jobs in the comparable period before his election.)

— He claimed that lawmakers couldn’t pass “right to try” legislation for “46 years.” (A similar federal program has existed for decades.)

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