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Eyeballs and mad scientist rubber ducks

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Crafty at the Fair

I saw this entry in the crafts contest on a table in front of the quilt display, in the Commercial/Educational building (see the photo with the blog entry.)

The label said it was an entry for a Home Furnishings / Non-Threaded Needlecraft. The trouble is, I can't figure out what it is.

The fact that I can't figure out what it is should be construed as a criticism of me rather than of the item -- I am not crafty and I while I admire all the quilts and needlepoint and clothesmaking at the Fair, it unfortunately is not something I can do myself. So while it's might be obvious to the craft folks what this is, I'm not getting it!

And I wish I did because it's so intriguing! There are bloodshot eyeballs all the way around. If you look up at the top of the item you see what looks like a mad scientist rubber duck complete with lab coat and gray hair. (I LOVE this rubber duck!) There are spiders ...and are those abbreviated gummi worms around the sides?

Here is my guess: this is a Halloween cake rendered in non-threaded needlecraft, or a Halloween-themed centerpiece. Does anybody else have a guess, or better yet, can anybody enlighten me?


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