Extreme heat likely to continue Sunday before Isaias moves closer to N.C.

Posted August 1, 2020 7:38 a.m. EDT
Updated August 2, 2020 8:36 a.m. EDT

— The weekend will continue to feel hot and the heat index will reach 100 degrees.

We are likely to see those temperatures back off this evening, WRAL meteorologist Peta Sheerwood said.

Sunday will be mostly dry and our scattered showers and thunderstorms will be mostly confined in the mountains of North Carolina.

Several counties had a severe thunderstorm warning on Saturday night -- but this kind of weather we won't see Sunday night. Those advisories have since ended and things should be quiet going into Sunday morning before a chance of storms pops up again.

Saturday also saw some storm damage in parts of Wake and Johnston counties, including wind damage in Pine Level, where a tree took down some power lines, leaving customers without power for a stretch.

No heat advisories have been issued at this time, but are possible if the heat climbs.

Sheerwood said the temperature outside will be hot and sticky. A rise in temperatures can wear down on the body. Protect yourself against heat exhaustion with these tips:

  • Stay out of the heat, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when it's usually the hottest and the heat is the most intense.
  • If you have to be outside, take frequent breaks.
  • Stay hydrated by drink plenty of liquids, preferably water or a sports drink with electrolytes. Don't wait until you are thirsty.
  • Wear loose clothing, and instead of a baseball hat, which only covers the front of the face, wear a broad-rim hat that also covers the neck and shoulders.
  • Be sure your cooling system is working efficiently. Check filters, and make sure air-conditioning vents are not obstructed

Temperatures will begin backing off on Monday and Tuesday as clouds and threatening weather from Isaias begins to roll into the area. Monday and Tuesday temperatures will be in the mid 80s.

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