Excuse me...are you going to eat that?

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It's been interesting...even watch state officials...federal and friends scramble to explain why they were on the Love Boat (my term not theirs) to watch the Parade of Sail. So many people now wanting to pay their share of the costs... a little less than $100 per person. Monies will be collected...jokes will be told...heads will will fingers...and people for awhile will continue to ask..."what were they thinking?"
This tempest is not the perfect storm...and will pass with few if any casualties. The manager who arranged the outing has resigned. We'll see if the threshold of public opinion takes any more casualties.
What troubles me more is what some of those cruisers ate. Did you see the photo in the N&O Tuesday morning? Waistlines bulging with loaded plates.
If we were more concerned about the health of our citizens than the money spent on this miscue...maybe all of us would be better off.
What a waist.