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WRAL SmartShopper

Ever had a couponing dream? Mine was a nightmare!

Posted October 31, 2014 9:30 a.m. EDT


Have you ever had a dream about couponing? I had quite a nightmare 2 nights ago and I had to share it with you. I know that only my couponing friends will fully grasp the horror of this dream.

I dreamed that it was the first morning of Super Doubles, which is a great start to any dream! I got to the store, filled my cart with all the fabulous deals I could find and then started for the checkout. But, because I had been up very late the night before getting my coupons organized, I was totally exhausted. I was so tired I had to rest right then and there.  I saw one of those long reclining lawn chairs off to the side of the store so I figured I would just lay down for a minute (in the grocery store with my cart full of groceries).  I fell asleep and when I eventually woke up, my cart full of roceries, my purse and ....gasp....my coupon organizer were GONE! They had all been stolen!

Panic set in and I remember feeling complete horror when I realized what had happened. I ran for the customer service desk to see it the coupon organizer had been turned in.  I don't remember asking at all about my purse. Clearly my priority was finding the coupons. There were 2 other dark pink coupon binders that had been left behind, but neither one was mine.  I was totally heartbroken.

Finally, I made it home ( I am assuming I called someone for a ride since my purse with my keys was also stolen).  Shortly after returning home, there was a knock at the door. The people who stole my purse and coupons were at my house! There was a man and woman and they said they felt badly about stealing from me and they returned my purse AND coupon organizer! Then they left without any further conversation. But I remember feeling upset because they did not bring the great super doubles deals from my cart. It was so bizarre and the whole morning I was disturbed by the dream. 

Have you ever had a couponing dream/nightmare?