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Escaped parrot back in the coop

Posted August 3, 2009 8:22 a.m. EDT

— A parrot who flew the coop five weeks ago got reunited with his Cary family Friday, after an alert Clayton resident and animal control officer nabbed him.

The resident called Animal Control after seeing a green parrot flying around the Glen Laurel subdivision. Animal Control Officer Angela Lee found the parrot perched in a tree. She caught the bird in a net and put him in a cage.

The Quaker parrot, who officers later learned is named "Charlie," appeared to be well-fed and healthy. A resident found "unusual scoop-like bites" on vegetables in his garden, Lee said.

"Charlie may have been enjoying a free meal or two," she said.

Lee found a number on a band on Charlie's leg and contacted the Caged Bird Society, which tracked down the breeder. The breeder located the store where Charlie was sold. By process of elimination, the store identified Charlie's owners.

Lee brought Charlie home to his thrilled family Friday.

His owners said he had flown out an open door. He was found 25 to 30 miles from his home, as the bird flies.

"The bird's whereabouts during his 5-week freedom flight can not be determined," according to a release from Clayton Police. "Although Charlie may be able to speak a few words, he seems to have exercised his right to remain silent in this case."