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Eric Holder says he fell asleep during 'Black Panther'

Posted February 27, 2018 10:53 a.m. EST

— Eric Holder's trip to Wakanda was apparently cut short.

The former attorney general revealed on Tuesday that he fell asleep while watching the superhero blockbuster "Black Panther."

When Holder was asked by The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart on the #CapeUp podcast if he identifies more as Wakanda monarch T'Challa or the supervillian Erik Killmonger, Holder said that he can't choose because he fell asleep while watching the film.

"I just saw it two nights ago and it seemed like a great movie, but I have to tell you, I had just come back from a long trip. I kind of fell asleep in the movie," Holder said. "So I'm going back, I'm going back. The parts that I saw I really liked."

Millions of Americans have been flocking to theaters to visit the fictional African nation of Wakanda. "Black Panther" was the No. 1 film in the US for the second weekend in a row, bringing in an estimated $108 million at the box office. The film has also crossed the $700 million mark globally in just two weekends of release.