Fantasia hospitalized for overdose

"American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized on Monday night after an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid, according to her manager.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized on Monday night after an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid, according to her manager, Brian Dickens.

Barrino was recently accused of having an affair and making a sex tape with a married man, according to WCNC-TV. She was named in a lawsuit between the man and his wife.

“She was totally overwhelmed by the lawsuit and media attention,” Dickens said in a statement on Tuesday.

He added that Barrino was also dehydrated and exhausted.

Dickens said Barrino, 26, was stable and expected to be released from the hospital soon. He did not say which hospital she was taken to.

Dickens said Barrino read the legal complaint filed by Paula Cook for the first time on Monday. Cook alleges that Barrino had been having an affair with her husband, Antwuan, for nearly a year, according to WCNC.

"Fantasia believed Mr. Cook when he told her he was not happy in his marriage and his heart was not in it," Dickens said. "She believed him when he told her he and Mrs. Cook separated in late summer 2009."

Barrino and Antwuan cook dated on and off for about 11 months, Dickens said.

"Fantasia is heartbroken and is sorry for any pain she may have caused," he said.

Fantasia, who won the “American Idol” crown in 2004, is due to release her third album, “Back to Me,” on Aug. 24. She was supposed to do promotion for the album this week; a Wednesday interview with The Associated Press was canceled earlier Tuesday.

Dickens noted the album release in his statement and also referred to one of the album’s songs “I’m Here,” which talks about being thankful for easy and hard times.

“Fantasia sends her praise to God and her eternal gratitude to her fans, friends, and family,” Dickens said.

Since winning “Idol,” the North Carolina resident has endured success as well as difficult times. While she’s had both platinum and gold albums and starred on Broadway in “The Color Purple,” she fell into legal troubles that almost forced her to lose her home in 2008.

A VH1 reality show, “Fantasia For Real,” debuted earlier this year, chronicling her struggles as a single mother trying to support her family, as well as her attempts to jump-start her career, which has sagged in recent years.



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