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The Cycologists

Posted August 31, 2009 6:40 a.m. EDT

Meet The Cycologists, a traveling band in Australia.  From their YouTube video:


Three cyclist performers appear spontaneously and perform for approx 7 minutes in each place.

The musicians include three wind players (Linsey Pollak, Ric Halstead, Brendan Hook).
All the music is made with the bicycles, especially featuring: three clarinets made from the bicycle seat stems plus bicycle pump panpipes, tuned bicycle bells and a handlebar flute.

They rest the bicycles on their stands and spontaneously perform on bicyclepump panpipes and handlebar flute then in unison they pull the seats out of their bicycle frames and place mouthpieces into the seat stems and begin playing their bicycle seat clarinets as a clarinet trio.

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