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Eighteen years of video games

Posted January 12, 2009 6:50 a.m. EST

Are you a gamer?

A lot of people got Nintendo Wiis for Christmas, and I've heard only good things about their experiences.  My mom loves her Nintendo DS.

I'm a PC gamer myself, geekily flying my 737-300 all over the East Coast yesterday on MS Flight Simulator (Secret coded message to fellow FS geeks: I use 2004, because FSX doesn't like all of my AI traffic add-ons) and building onto my metropolis in Sim City 4 (it still holds up well for being almost six years old). 

Here's a cool page that tracks the development of video games from 1990 through today.  Before you young whippersnappers laugh too hard at our NES games, the writer reminds us:

"...what can you expect from a 16 bit graphic display and a 100 MHz machine, but (remember) that in those days these configs were king just as 3,6 GHz and Nvidia GeForce 9400 nowdays.

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