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Puppy Cam is a hit!

Posted November 19, 2008 6:17 a.m. EST
Updated November 19, 2008 6:20 a.m. EST

Someone has set up a live camera, showing some Shiba Inu puppies doing whatever they do. 

As of this morning, the livestream had racked up 5.6 million views.  That's an official hit.  We're a little late to the party here, but that's how it goes.  Just so you know, the show isn't always on.  Sometimes, the owners shut off the camera for a few hours.

From the site:

Tune in daily to see the cutest Shiba Inu pups... EVER! ;)

The six Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) Turned 6 weeks old (TODAY!) on November 18th. This is the first litter from their mom, Kika.

- Autumn (Purple collar) - 4 lbs 1.2 oz (as of Nov 18th)
- Ayumi (Yellow collar) - 3 lbs 14.6 oz (as of Nov 18th)
- Amaya (Red collar) - 4 lbs 0.2 oz (as of Nov 18th)

- Aki (Green collar) - 4 lbs 13.8 oz (as of Nov 18th)
- Akoni (Black collar) - 4 lbs 8.8 oz (as of Nov 18th)
- Ando (Blue collar) - 4 lbs 15.0 oz (as of Nov 18th)

If you would like to view the pups in a larger window, go here:

For more information on the Shiba Inu go here -

Please do NOT purchase pet store (puppy mill) puppies!
Do your research to locate reputable breeders in your area.

Another option would be to consider adopting a rescue Shiba

A couple of our users sent me links to the video over the past week, and I appreciate it!

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