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You let them in your living room?!

Posted October 28, 2008 6:47 a.m. EDT

We're going to feature some political sites this week as we celebrate the end of this interminable campaign.  As soon as the 2006 midterm elections ended, the 2008 presidential campaigns started.  I'm a political junkie, but I'm just fatigued.  Two years of this business!  Heavens.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite sites.  It's called The Living Room Candidate.  The Museum of the Moving Image created this site to archive presidential campaign commercials.  They have a collection of more than 300 spots, dating back to the 1952 campaign.

I love so many of these spots.   I'll be bipartisan here.  The 1964 LBJ ad "Eastern Seaboard" is memorable, attacking Goldwater's quote that "sometimes I think this country would be better off if we could just saw off the Eastern Seaboard and let it float out to sea.".  I also like the 1984 Reagan ad "Bear."  It builds tension and uses great imagery to portray the Soviet threat.

What are your favorites?

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