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Tattooed teeth

Posted June 26, 2008 8:15 a.m. EDT

I'm not paid to give opinions.  In fact, I'm paid largely not to give opinions.  But I'll go on the record with this: A bunch of people have them, but tattoos do nothing for me.  I don't want one. 

I know some people who got tattoos in a moment of -- uh -- shall we say "fuzzy" judgement, and they regret them.  I know of one or two people who got a tattoo that is misspelled!  Bring a dictionary.  Get that tattoo design proofread! 

Well, here's a weird twist:  It's a group of artists who tattoo crowns for your teeth.  According to the site, most of these are done on molars, but some people like them up front. 



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