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Bill's Leaving?!

Posted April 7, 2008 8:14 a.m. EDT

Imagine my shock, shock, last week when I read this Raleigh Chronicle article about Bill Leslie.

The first paragraph:

WRAL-TV news anchor Bill Leslie has announced he has left the station to tour the country with his new "Aer Waves" heavy metal band and promises to "throw the volume knob out the window."

Maybe the story was true, I thought.  Bill ostensibly was on "vacation" last week.  He's a great musician, and that is a convincing picture in the article. 

But then again, management didn't put out a "future endeavors" note.  Bill's been here forever!  I figured we'd at least have a party if he left.

Still, if the story was true, I had dibs on Bill's can of hair spray.

Fortunately for us, the article was published April 1.  But I wasn't totally at ease until I saw Bill sitting at the anchor desk today, leather pants and all.


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