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Time Travel is Here!

Posted February 15, 2008 9:22 a.m. EST

Well, how's that for a misleading title?  I'm ashamed of it, but a click is a click.

You can send the future you an e-mail! lets you write yourself an e-mail today, then specify a date to send it to yourself. 

A caveat: You'll need to have the same e-mail address on that future date.  Maybe you'd be wise to use one of those Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail accounts that likely will be around in the decades to come -- in some form, at least.  An ISP or work e-mail address would probably be an unwise idea.

This morning on the news, I wrote, "I love you.  Just chilling up here with Bill, Lynda and Elizabeth -- participating in this TV fad."  I'll get it on 2/15/39.   That's one day after my 60th birthday.  Heavens, I hope I'm retired by then.

Send yourself an e-mail, and post it below, if you dare.


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