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Microwave Cam Captures Mayo Mystery

Posted February 14, 2008 8:16 a.m. EST

The folks over at put a mayonnaise packet in the oven, and captured a mystery!  From the site:

This one started out good. [Brian's Note: That should be "started out well," guys.] We thought it would be a great fireball and plasma show, but after a couple of shots of fire, something shot out and hovered at the top without burning itself out. The microwave oven was making the classic electronic humming and buzzing sounds like you hear in those old black and white horror movies. Bzzzt-Bzzzt-Bzzzt. When it started to flash bright blue, we decided it was time to shut it down. We really don't care about toasting the microwave oven, we'll let anything burn in there, but this one worried us.

Here's the first video, and here's the second

What is that thing?

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