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Lots of Rumors

Posted April 20, 2007 1:57 p.m. EDT

We've had a steady stream of e-mails and phone calls about rumors of threats and even rumors of shootings at local schools.  It started earlier this week, after the Virginia Tech massacre, but reached fever pitch yesterday and this morning as the we reach the eighth anniversary of the Columbine killings.

We've been on the phone through the day with local school officials, who assure us nothing has happened and none of these rumors have been confirmed.  But many districts are boosting police presence at some schools -- just in case.

It appears that some of these rumors are originating on students' profiles at and other social-networking sites.  A quick search on Google turns up dozens of news articles about recent threats around the country discovered on -- and the ensuing school lockdowns and arrests.

Frankly, I think a lot of criticism is undeserved and misplaced.  It provides a service -- and as with any service, it's subject to abuse. 

We all know about sex predators on the Web; that's well publicized.  But there's another danger parents should consider: What in the world their kids are doing unchecked on the Web.

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