Elisabeth Moss wants to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie

Posted November 11, 2019 10:19 a.m. EST

— If you can somehow erase Elisabeth Moss in "The Handmaid's Tale" from your mind, she wants us to imagine her in a much lighter role. A role, say, as a Hallmark Channel heroine who saves some small-town bookstore form shutting down just in time for Christmas.

The actress revealed her love of all things Hallmark during Vulture Festival's "Anatomy of a Performance," even admitting that she has the Hallmark movie app downloaded on her phone.

"[I downloaded the app] for Christmas last year, because I needed a way to watch Hallmark Christmas movies," she said. "I needed a way to access all my Christmas movies, because I love Hallmark Christmas movies and I watch as many of them as possible."

Just in case anyone's confused, Moss made sure to say she's serious.

"I'm into it, I want to do it. People who write should definitely write one for me," she said. "I actually would love to do a Hallmark Christmas movie!"

She even had a loose plot in mind, including a twist where her character would turn sinister.

"I'd be a shop-owner, and there'd be a Christmas tree farmer, you know, I'd hate him at first," she said, adding, "In my Hallmark movie I'd probably end up losing the baby somewhere," Moss laughed. "There'd be a lot of mascara, and then I'd stab someone."

There's the Moss we know and love.

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