Education Matters: Episode 148 - Student Voices and COVID-19

This week, K-12 students across North Carolina are going back to school. Our public school students are beginning school under what have become known as Plans B and C -- and in most districts, that is either a hybrid or a fully remote learning schedule. As of this taping, students in 60 school districts will begin in a fully remote learning setting. Many school districts have shared that the fall, even if it is conducted all online, will not be like March through June of this past school year, when we were just starting out with remote learning. District and school leaders and educators have had a chance to reflect on the spring, engage in professional learning, and plan for what their students need. While this year is certainly different than any other start of a school year that we can remember, it is very important for us to ensure that student voice is considered and heard through the implementation of our learning environments. During this show, we will do just that - hear directly from students across our state. These students will help us understand what it is like to be a K-12 student during COVID-19 -- and how we can best support them this year.