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Easier E-VIC savings

Posted January 10, 2011 12:43 p.m. EST

I’m a regular at Harris Teeter and LOVE getting my weekly e-mail about e-VIC specials. I love that you don’t have to have coupons to get the deals. That’s because, despite my constant efforts and despite the great coupon organizer that Smart Shopper Faye Prosser, aka Coupon Queen, gave me and despite all of her individualized training, I still can’t seem to get my couponing act together.

So I’m really excited about the Charlotte-based grocery chain’s new electronic coupon program. Harris Teeter began rolling it out at the end of 2010. Today, the company announced it’s now available to all e-VIC customers.

How does it work? Harris Teeter says e-VIC members can link valuable manufacturer coupons directly to their VIC card. Every Wednesday, when the e-VIC e-mail goes out, you simply browse the list of coupons and link the ones you like directly to your VIC card by clicking “Save it.”

The first time you go through the process, you’ll have to “accept the terms and conditions of the program” and confirm your customer profile. But after that, you’ll be able to save the coupon automatically. The chain says it will regularly add coupons.

With couponing that easy, maybe I can finally become a coupon queen!

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