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Durham doctor treats Ebola patients, then self-quarantines

Posted January 7, 2015 10:16 p.m. EST

— Health officials consider Dr. George Peohlman a low-risk for Ebola, but the retired Durham doctor isn’t taking any chances.

Peohlman self-quarantined himself after returning from an eight week mission trip to Liberia at the end of December.

He’s avoiding groups of people and is reporting his temperature daily to the Durham County Health Department.

“If I were to develop a fever for whatever cause, I would end up in the hospital three days until they rule out Ebola,” he said via phone from his home. “So I kind of put myself in reverse isolation.”

Peohlman was in Liberia to treat Ebola patients and help the non-profit group Heart to Heart International set up an Ebola treatment unit.

He saw the trip as fulfilling his sense of duty.

“I was trained to take care of people and look out for people and that's what I did, and I'm pleased to have been there,” he said. “I was honored. I was humbled.”

Peohlman said he is not showing any signs of the virus. His self-quarantine expires Jan. 20.