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Duke, UNC get record number of applicants

Both Duke and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill reported sharp increases in the number of students seeking admission to the two schools.

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DURHAM, N.C. — Duke University received more than 23,750 applications for admission to the Class of 2013, the largest number in school history and an increase of nearly 17 percent over the previous record, which was set last year, officials said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill officials said they would offer admission to 4,885 students chosen from a record 13,692 applicants.

“While we can never be entirely certain why students make the choices they do, over the last few years there has clearly been a growing appreciation of the quality of the Duke education and undergraduate experience nationwide and worldwide,” Duke Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag said in a statement. “That, I believe, combined with the impact of several recent Duke initiatives, explains much of this year's exceptionally large increase."

Guttentag cited Duke's commitment to providing financial aid to students from middle- and lower-income families and the DukeEngage program, which provides funding for undergraduates who wish to pursue an intensive civic engagement experience anywhere in the world.

“We’ve also done a better job of contacting prospective applicants throughout the fall of their senior year. Many of the printed materials we send them are now quite distinctive and, I believe, do a better job of presenting the particular appeal of Duke,” he said.

AT UNC, a record 3,476 North Carolinians will be freshmen next fall.

"We couldn't be happier with the quality and the diversity of this class," Stephen Farmer, associate provost and director of undergraduate admissions, said in a statement. ""With first-deadline applications up 16 percent over last year, we were fortunate to have an extraordinarily broad and deep pool."

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