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Duke professor: Do not view ISIS as example of Muslim community

Posted March 22, 2016 10:11 p.m. EDT
Updated March 22, 2016 10:37 p.m. EDT

— A Duke University professor said turning others against Muslims is exactly what the terrorists in Brussels hoped would happen on Tuesday.

Tim Nichols—an associate professor specializing in counter terrorism at Duke University—says the Brussel attackers had two main objectives when carrying out the deadly bombings: provoke an overreaction against the entire Muslim community, and to convince frustrated Muslims to join their fight.

“They’re scared and that’s the specific reason for these types of attacks,” Nichols said. “To have invasive tactics or unlawful detentions, or any other types of things that would inflame the Muslim population.”
Nichols said he cautions people to not view ISIS terrorists as an example of the entire Muslim community.

“Muslim citizens who sometimes feel fragmented or disenfranchised, or somehow separate but are very moderate, the intent in ISIS’s action would be to somehow radicalize them,” he said.

Nichols added that bombings were punitive attack on Belgium for detaining one of the Paris terrorists.

“They’ll learn a lot from the people they capture,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll interview them and find info that helps them tear apart the terrorist network.”

Nichols said Americans should not fear traveling to Europe after the attack in Brussels.