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Duke Medicine: Women at Workouts

With more women participating in sports and exercise these days, doctors are seeing a rash of problems that are unique to women. Duke Women's Sports Medicine program can help.

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Open a yearbook from any high school across the country, and you'll see basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams full of young female athletes bursting with health -- or so it would appear. But appearances can be deceiving, as Alison Toth, MD, knows all too well.

"More than a few of these teenagers could be developing bones as porous and brittle as a 50-year-old woman's," says Toth, director of the Duke Women's Sports Medicine program. Such young women, she explains, are often victims of the 'female athlete triad' -- a syndrome in which young women don't eat enough to make up for the calories they expend.

Find out more about what can happen and how to prevent problems in the full post on DukeHealth.org.

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